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Ginger Tea

Introducing Tetley Ginger Tea, which will wow your senses with its heady ginger scent. Your senses will be awakened by the bite and aroma of our Ginger flavor at the first sip. Your next sip will surprise you with our exclusive Assam blend's rich flavor and full-bodied sturdiness. In no time at all, the reassuring warmth of the ideal cup of Ginger surrounds you. That tiny moment when our best Assam tea and flavorful ginger combine to make your day a little more magical. Everyday Beverages is the top Tetley ginger tea dip bag dealer in Chennai.

Tetley earl grey black tea dip bag is an exquisite and fragrant black tea with bergamot natural flavor. Ingredients of our dip tea bag box are tea (98.9%) and added bergamot flavor (natural flavor).

Nutritional information and typical values of our dip bag are Energy (Kcal) – 92; Protein (g) – 19; carbohydrate (g) – 4; sugar (g) – Nil; Fat (g) – Traces. Shelf life of tetley earl grey dip bag box is 12 months.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Tetley
Flavor Bergamot orange
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 50 Bags
Shelf Life 12 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol