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In order for you to experience the finest, we are taj mahal masala tea dealers in Chennai and we provide Brooke Bond Taj Mahal are meticulous in all we do. even in the design of our tea bags. We create them using a unique type of paper that resists dissolving in water. Because each bag is constructed with two chambers, more water can come into contact with the tea within and the tea will brew more quickly. The arrival of tea bags also required the development of a new mix suitable for fast brewing. This tea bag with a Taj Mahal masala flavor is perfect for those who enjoy Indian tea. It is ready to make some Kadak masala chai that will stand out. The mixture that goes with the different types of spices in masala chai is meant to supervise your digestive system. Masala chai traditionally contains cinnamon, which lowers bad cholesterol and circulatory strain. The length of time a teabag is dipped in hot water and milk usually determines how different the blended tastes are. The absence of added sugar in masala chai will be very beneficial to your longevity and well-being.

Taj mahal masala flavoured tea bag can ready to set up some kadak masala chai conspicuously will suit indian chai lovers. Masala chai is a blend that accompanies the various mixture of spices to superintendent your digestive process. Cinnamon is a traditional ingredient used in masala chai to reduce your bad cholesterol and circulatory strain.

Normally blended taste differences will be varied depends upon the teabag dipped duration in hot water and milk. No added sugar in masala chai will be a great beneficiary for your health and long life.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Taj Mahal
Flavor Masala
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 25 Bags
Shelf Life 15 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Added Preservatives No