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Ginger Tea

A delightfully hot and aromatic premium combination of the best teas and real ginger root that will arouse your senses. This blend is produced with the freshest teas to create a distinctly aromatic flavor that is inspired by the combination of tradition and current Indian energy. For maximum freshness, these round tea bags are packaged in foil. The maximum amount of flavored tea (8% w/w) in Taj Mahal spicy ginger tea bags is ginger. In just a few seconds, the spicy ginger flavor of the ginger tea dip bag will help you get rid of sore throats and congestion in your nose. You can enjoy it with little nibbles every morning and evening in place of your typical cup of tea. The Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Ginger Tea Dip Bag has a 15-month shelf life.

Taj Mahal spicy ginger tea bags contain flavored tea ginger max 8% w/w. Ginger tea dip bag has a spicy ginger flavor that will help you to relieves from nasal congestion and sore throat within a few seconds.

You can supplant your normal cup of tea with it and appreciate it with little snacks every morning and evening. The shelf life of brooke bond taj mahal ginger tea dip bag is 15 months.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Taj Mahal
Flavor Ginger
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 25 Bags
Shelf Life 15 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Added Preservatives No