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South Indian Filter Coffee Maker Dealers in Chennai
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South Indian Filter Coffee Maker Dealers in Coimbatore | Chennai

Coffee makers are among the kitchen machines offered by our company Everyday Beverages, the best South Indian Filter Coffee Maker Dealers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Tirupur. The goal of Everyday Beverages coffee makers is to give coffee enthusiasts a simple and practical way to create their preferred cup of coffee at home. Although it can be difficult to brew true South Indian filter coffee, Everyday Beverages is made to provide you with the most genuine South Indian filter coffee experience possible. Made using a special brewing technique, this strong and flavorful coffee is served with milk and sugar. A two-part metal filter filled with hot water and coffee grinds is used to brew South Indian filter coffee. As the water gradually pours through the filter and into the container below, a strong coffee decotion.

Everyday Beverages south indian filter coffee maker is a semi automatic tea and coffee machine accompanies a wide assortment of highlights to guarantee your six alternative of refreshments needs are dealt with helpful.

South indian filter coffee maker machine is also very simple to maintain and wash. It permits you to pick the espresso with less bitter or extra strong according to your necessities while you can also prepare six favorite beverages.


Type Filter Coffee Maker
Beverage Options Six
Brand Everyday Beverages
Capacity 110 – 130 Cups
Heater 1 Kw
Power Consumption 230 V A/c
Storage Tank Capacity 2 Litres
Warmer 200 Watts
Current 4 Amps
Control System Semi Automatic Controller
Decoction Output 20 Minutes