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Red Label Cardamom Tea Premix

As the red label dairy whitener suppliers in Chennai we provided Red label Brooke Bond a product used in vending machines is an intermediary labeled dairy-based premix. The Lipton brand is currently known as Brooke Bond. The type of dairy whitener premix that Brooke Bond Red Label is a part of its plain milk. There is one kilogram in our delivery. You can count on a consistent quality from the first to the last cup with red label dairy whitener. You may get 60–65 cups of dairy whitener from a single pack. Our Brooke bond product has a six-month shelf life. The requirement for storage is a dry, cool environment.

Brooke bond red label dairy whitener premix belongs to plain milk type. Our package quantity is 1 Kg. Red label dairy whitener gives you a consistent quality from first cup to last cup.

In a single pack of dairy whitener you can able to collect 60-65 cups. Shelf life of our brooke bond product is six months. Storage condition is to store in cool and dry place.


Type Premix Powder
Brand Brooke Bond
Packaging Type Packet
Quantity 1 Kg
Shelf Life 6 Months
Flavor Plain Milk
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol
Added Preservatives No