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Nescafe 4 Option Vending Machine Dealers in Chennai
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Nescafe 4 Option Vending Machine Dealers in Coimbatore | Chennai

Providing an individual sector for the company, Everyday Beverages Coffee Vending India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Nescafe 4 Option Vending Machine Dealers in Chennai, and we are offering our customers an excellent selection of 4 Option Nescafe Vending Machines. The industry-established quality standards are followed in the design and development of these vending machines. Our vendors create this line using premium raw materials and leading-edge technologies, all overseen by a skilled team of experts. With the push of a button, the 4 option Nescafe vending machine can now provide a variety of flavored drinks, including tea, coffee, milk, lemon tea, and hot water. Compared to other premix vending machines, you can have a superior beverage experience from the first to the final cup with our 4-option machine. The primary goal of our 4-option vending machine is that it can be operated and maintained without the need for human labor. The vending machine may be readily operated by staff members, customers, and individuals without any issues or breakdowns.

4 option nescafe vending machine would now be able to serve different flavored beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, lemon tea and hot water at just the press of a button. From our 4 option machine you can get a better beverage experience from first to last cup when compared to other premix vending machines.

The main objective of our 4 option vending machine doesn’t require any manpower to operate and take care of the vending machine. Employees, clients and visitors can easily handle the vending machine without having any interruption or breakdown.


Type Premix Vending Machine
Beverage Options Four
Boiler Capacity 3 Litres
Brand Nescafe
Canister Capacity 1.2 Kg
Capacity 240 – 280 Cups
Dimension 370 mm *560 mm *640 mm
Power Supply 230 V A/c
Socket 15A with Fuse & Indicator
Control System Fully Automatic Controller