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Lemon Tea

A good quality coffee day lemon flavor tea dip bag makes it simple and problem-free for you to make lemon tea. In general, the blood-purging properties of lemon tea help you stay energetic and boost your body. The improved lemon tea plunge sacks from Coffee Day are incredibly nutrient-rich and aid in weight loss. Drinking a cup of lemon tea every day lowers heart rate and benefits teeth and bones. The coffee day best lemon tea bags from lush heights, combined with some priceless Indian spices, will entice your senses. This tea is our attempt to create magic in a cup, with its captivating aroma, dark amber beverage, and wonderfully balanced undertones of pleasant spices.

A brand coffee day lemon flavor tea dip bag helps you to prepare an easy lemon tea without confronting any difficulty. Generally, lemon tea helps to stay active and empowers your body by purging your blood.

Coffee day lemon tea enhanced plunge sacks are exceptionally stacked with rich nutrient c and also help to diminish your weight. Consuming a daily cup of lemon tea brings down the pulse and is useful for teeth and bones.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Coffee Day
Flavor Lemon
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 100 Bags
Shelf Life 12 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol
Added Preservatives No