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Ginger Tea

Everyday Beverages is the top coffee day ginger tea bag dealer in Chennai, which we are providing the best ginger tea bag from the verdant slopes used to make ginger tea, which is then blended with the distinct flavor of ginger. Grab a cup of this tea to experience the warming properties of ginger. We've used ginger to subtly enhance the green tea's astringent undertones, leaving a delicate spiciness that remains on the palate long after you've taken your last sip. Enjoy this right away. This ginger tea bag and a cup of hot water are all you need. Up to the very last cup, the added, all-encompassing aroma of our spicy ginger tea bag for coffee day is present. Amino acids and minerals can be found in the flavored ginger component. Frequent use of tea with ginger flavor aids in blood circulation regulation.

Our coffee day spicy flavor ginger tea bag gives an additional pervasive smell till the last cup. The flavored ginger compound contains minerals and amino acids. Drinking a regular cup of ginger flavored tea helps to regulate your blood circulation level.

Generally, ginger tea specifies various names like ‘Adrak Chai’ in Hindi, ‘Allam Tea’ in Telugu, and ‘Inji Tea’ in Tamil. Coffee day ginger tea bag is the best remedy to prevent common cold, nausea, vomit sensation and dizziness.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Coffee Day
Flavor Ginger
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 100 Bags
Shelf Life 12 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol
Added Preservatives No