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Earl Grey Tea

Originally produced to delight Lord Earl Grey's palate, this tea quickly rose to the top among enthusiasts, both at home and abroad. A fragrant, citrusy-sweet extract made from Bergamot oranges, it is smooth black tea flavored with bergamot. Tetley’s Earl Grey Tea demonstrates why timeless flavors never go out of style with its delicately crisp black tea notes and aromatic, sour-sweet hint of bergamot. It has a silky texture and a zesty touch on the palate as it finishes. With no lag in time at all. Dip this tea bag into a hot water. The Tetley Earl Grey Black Tea Dip Bag is a fine and aromatic black tea with a naturally occurring bergamot taste. Our dip tea bag package has 98.9% tea with a natural bergamot flavor addition.

Tetley earl grey black tea dip bag is an exquisite and fragrant black tea with bergamot natural flavor. Ingredients of our dip tea bag box are tea (98.9%) and added bergamot flavor (natural flavor).

Nutritional information and typical values of our dip bag are Energy (Kcal) – 92; Protein (g) – 19; carbohydrate (g) – 4; sugar (g) – Nil; Fat (g) – Traces. Shelf life of tetley earl grey dip bag box is 12 months.


Type Tea Bags
Brand Tetley
Flavor Bergamot orange
Packaging Type Box
Quantity 50 Bags
Shelf Life 12 Months
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol