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Commercial Milk Boiler Dealers in Chennai
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Commercial Milk Boiler Dealers in Coimbatore | Chennai

We Commercial Milk Boiler Dealers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Tirupur in a range of sizes and capacities while constantly inspecting your health and cleanliness. The product's strong body is made of food-grade materials, which ensures that it won't rust even after years of use. This commercial milk boiler is unmatched in structural elegance and exquisitely crafted, in addition to having a high level of functional reliability. This durable boiler's clever, well-thought-out design makes it simple to wash and clean after each use.

For office use, we have an endlessly large commercial milk boiler machine. We can store between 10 and 12 liters in our commercial milk boiler machine. A stainless steel commercial milk boiler machine from the Everyday Beverages brand offers hot water and milk for you. Every cup is consistently heated to the same temperature because of the Everyday Beverages commercial milk boiler machine. From the first to the last sip, customers can experience the same flavor.

We have unlimited massive storage commercial milk boiler machine for office purposes. Our commercial milk boiler machine storage capacity is 10 – 12 Litres. Stainless steel Everyday Beverages brand commercial milk boiler machine serves you hot milk & hot water beverages.

Everyday Beverages commercial milk boiler machine maintains the same temperature heat for each & every cup. Customer can able to feel the same taste from first sip to last sip.


Type Commercial Milk Boiler
Beverage Options Milk & Hot Water
Brand Everyday Beverages
Dimension 760 mm * 400 mm * 550 mm
Capacity 180 – 195 Cups
Storage Capacity 10 – 12 Liters
Power Consumption 230 V A/c
Startup Timeline 30 Minutes
Material Stainless Steel