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Bru Hot Coffee Vending Machine Dealers in Chennai
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Bru Hot Coffee Vending Machine Dealers in Coimbatore | Chennai

We are known to be prominent Bru Hot Coffee Vending Machine Dealers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Tirupur. We have been able to offer our customers a wide range of bru Hot Coffee vending machine because we have a deep understanding of the various facets of the market. As a customer-focused business, we provide our complete line of machines in different sizes, styles, and custom-built versions. In addition, all products are carefully inspected on a number of quality characteristics before being shipped

Bru Hot Coffee premix vending machine is the fully automatic preeminent vending machine and it can dispense tea and coffee at a time. We have the beverage choice to choose a half cup of tea and coffee in a short break and increase the productivity of your employees.

Bru premix vending machine saves the preparation time and automatic flushing features will clean the machine after dispensing a beverage. We will door deliver the vending machine with stock and consumables. An expert technician will be visiting your place the next day for installation.


Type Premix Vending Machine
Beverage Options Two
Brand Bru
Dimension 245 mm * 440 mm * 580 mm
Boiler Capacity 2 Liters
Canister Capacity 1.2 Kg
Power Supply 230 V A/c
Control System Fully Automatic Controller