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Bru Coffee Premix

We are one of the well-known bru coffee premix manufacturers in Chennai that we offers the highest quality selection of hot coffee premix. Brû instant coffee is made from a carefully blended blend of the best plantations and beans, and its strong processing methods ensure that the scent of the fresh coffee is retained, giving you the best coffee experience right away. India associates bru with coffee, thus it makes sense that the beverage is the most popular in the nation. Bru is a leading innovator of youth-oriented instant coffee premixes in India. It offers a range of Indian and international coffee varieties, as well as Bru Select, a premium filter blend consisting of 85% coffee and 15% chicory.

Bru hot coffee premix mixture made from blends of coffee 60% and chicory 40%. Just mix with hot water and its ready to have a cup of coffee. Likewise it is perfect for hot beverage premix vending machine to get the hot coffee by just squeezing a button. From 90-110 ML cup size, Users can acquire 60-65 cups of coffee in a solitary pack of bru coffee premix.

It is particularly appropriate for little workplaces, factories, educational institution, bakery, canteen, colleges, hotels, resort, 24/7 rotational shift based companies.


Type Premix Powder
Brand Bru
Packaging Type Packet
Quantity 1 Kg
Shelf Life 6 Months
Flavor Plain Coffee
Dietary Preference No Cholesterol
Added Preservatives No